Make sure you enable the javascript on your browser as it will be run to build the table. It will use 1 core or thread of your computer during this table building, this process also takes some time so be patient.

Frank's Position Analysis Informations

: Intel i7-5930K

: 6

: 12

Speed (Ghz)
: 4.3

: Windows 10 Professional 64bit

Engine settings
Hash (Gb)
: 4

: 10

Time (s)/position
: 60


  1. To setup position, press START button and make moves on the board, or just paste a fen or epd in the setup box and press SETUP, and to search that position in the table, press LOOKUP and then press enter key.
  2. To show all data in the table, press CLEAR SEARCH and press enter.
  3. To query the table, paste a fen or epd in the search box and press enter. Then to show the position on the board, press GET SEARCH and then press SETUP.
  4. To setup on the board, the epd shown in the table, press the epd and then press SETUP.
  5. Column values in the table can be sorted by pressing the header.


Building position table ... Please wait!